Why Parents Should Inculcate a Reading Habit in Their Child

By ruturajkohok

Why Parents Should Inculcate a Reading Habit in Their Child

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“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” – Dr Seuss

Books weave magic with words. Every book has a different story to say and something to teach. We read about characters that we connect with or situations that reflect our own lives. With books, we can escape to a completely different world of adventure. Reading sparks your imagination as you imagine every scene and character come to life in your head. As parents, a good quality education is not the only thing that your child requires while growing up. It is during these blossoming years that a child develops their personality and character. Books can play a major role in helping you mould your child’s personality and groom them for the real world.

There is no bar or constraints when it comes to age – your child can start reading at any given age. The earlier you start, the sooner this reading habit is inculcated in your child. Children these days grow up with a smartphone in the hand instead of a toy. They play games on tablets instead of going out to play. But, you need to ask yourself, is that how you want to bring up your child? Is technology going to help build your child’s character and boost their confidence? That’s where a reading habit can help your child be more creative, empathetic, smart and knowledgeable. If you are still not convinced, here are some of the major reasons why parents should develop a reading habit in their child.

Improving the Vocabulary

While reading, we come across words that we might not have heard of before. In the same way, reading also helps us in understanding how new words can be framed or used in a sentence. This stands true for adults as well as for children. When your child starts reading, they come across new words, which is a great way for expanding their vocabulary. Children tend to grasp things faster than adults, this makes it easier for them to grasp new words and use them in sentences. An extensive vocabulary can also give your child a boost academically.

Sparks the Imagination

Books open up doors to different world and stories. While reading a book, you are completely transported to a different world with numerous characters and situations. Every book has a different story to say and something to teach. When your child is in the habit of reading, they develop great thinking, creative and imaginative qualities. And what is life without a little creativity and imagination, right?

Fluency of Words

Even as adults, we come across words that are sometimes too difficult to pronounce. This happens a lot of times and to many of us; it’s not uncommon. Parents do not pay attention to a child’s pronunciation skills when they are growing up. Some children develop good pronunciation skills during their growing years, but some don’t. A reading habit from a small age will improve the fluency of words as well as comprehension. It is an exercise to the mind and will help your child enhance their cognitive skills.

Improves Writing Skills

Books are the only place where words come to life. When kids have an extensive vocabulary and imagination on their side, there is nothing that can stop them from developing excellent writing skills. Books teach us how to use words creatively. Moreover, words are the best form of self-expression. With words flowing through their minds, your child can express themselves clearly and candidly.

Why Parents Should Inculcate a Reading Habit in Their ChildDiscovering the World

In our day to day lives, not all of us get to explore different places, meet new people or experience different situations. But, somewhere deep inside, all of us are craving to live life to the fullest. In spite of all our dreams and aspirations, not everyone gets to fulfil them. However, books have stories and places waiting to be discovered. When your child starts reading, they get knowledge about the world around them. They read about the different the traditions, the people, the culture, the places, the different galaxies & planets and so much more.

Develops Emotions

Apart from imparting knowledge, books also build emotions. Every book has a value or a message to convey or a story to tell. Every character expresses their feelings and thoughts. We happen to love some characters or absolutely hate them. The characters in these books have the power to invoke these emotions in us. We experience different emotions while reading a book. This will help your child gain perspectives from various point of views and also teach them how to judge people in actual life.

Makes Them Social

Like how characters in a book help a child experience various emotions, these characters also teach kids how to interact and bond with the people around them. They become much more verbal about their thoughts, which allow them to connect and empathize with the people around them. Children who read tend to be more sympathetic and understanding, which makes them social and interactive.

Time to Bond

When you encourage your child to read in front of you, you are building a strong parent-child bond. Instilling a reading habit from a young age gives you the right platform to teach your kids to differentiate between the right and the wrong. Also, this bonding time can result in creating great memories. Remember, that when your child is reading in front of you – support them when they make mistakes and encourage them when they do better.


A reading habit can have a remarkable outcome on your child’s personality and can improve their vocabulary, speaking and writing skills to a great level. Your child will be able to judge the right from wrong at a young age and make the right decisions. Reading has the power to shape the direction of your child’s life.

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You’ve read Why Parents Should Inculcate a Reading Habit in Their Child, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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