Why Life Is Just More Than Having It All

By Key Acanto

how to be happy

how to be happy

I’d like to start this one with a question… What do you do in your life?

As an ordinary individual, I have been pondering about the true meaning of life for quite some time now. I know this is such a broad idea to think about but by an odd chance, I happen to experience and witness some situations that reinforce my contemplation. We all have different ways on how we live our life. Oftentimes, we spend life according to our class and taste but somehow we all have the same perception about life. Perhaps, it is human nature to want more. And whatever we wish to have… all the stuff we want will accumulate and build our person.

But the question is… is doing what we want and having what we wish to have enough to get life satisfaction? I’d like to share to you some tips that can help you achieve satisfaction and happiness in life.

Know Your Priorities

Perhaps you have already experienced that feeling where everything in your life is important. But did it ever occur to that maybe not everything you do are actually important? If yes then it is time for you to set your priorities straight. But how?

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself; is everything really important? Take note on things that is really important to you and set aside the things that matter less. You have to distinguish the difference between important things and urgent things. Important things are those things you can do that will make you proud years from now like leaving a healthy life or saving for your dream house. These should be on top of your priorities. Urgent things, on the other hand, are things you just need now like you monthly report and paying bills which you can delegate to someone.

Focus On One Goal At A Time

Yes, you have multiple goals in life but you don’t need to do these all at once. You know what people say about multitasking? Yes, it is good but oftentimes you will end up doing too much without achieving end results and yet you are tired and stressed out.

When you focus at one goal at a time, you have more chance to achieve your goal and eventually it can give you more happiness. You have to commit yourself in one goal at a time. This will give you more time for yourself and for other people you value.

The Difference Between A Pessimist And A Realist

Whatever quest you have in life, you have to expect failure just as much as you expect success. In my profession as a writer, I have my share of rejections and disappointments. Along with these experiences, I have learned how to be a realist. However, people often misunderstood this as being a pessimist. I’d like to clarify this one. There is a big difference between the two. A pessimist is someone who sees everything in life as negative but a realist is someone who sees life as what they are. Having a realistic outlook in life, you will learn to accept failures and you will learn to arrive at unbiased decisions based on how you analyze the information and the situation. This will help you avoid disappointments and frustrations and you will have a healthy recovery from failures.

Learn To Balance Life And Work

Finding balance between life and work is a difficult thing to do. I happen to be terrible at this one but slowly, I am learning how to manage life and work correctly. I read an article with this topic before and one of the tips mentioned the might be helpful for us is to “think challenges as opportunities”.

To find the balance between life and work, we have to change the way we perceive challenges. Every challenge in life has an accompanied opportunity. One common example of this is when we are faced with a challenge to lose weight. Losing weight is a challenge but it is also an opportunity for us to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Just because you have everything in life doesn’t mean you will have the satisfaction you are searching for. Satisfaction is not seen on your social or financial status in life…it is achieve by looking at life is a different angle. It is achieve when you realize that there is more to life than having it all. Now let me ask you.

Are you satisfied with your life?


Key Acanto is a content editor of scoopfed.com. As a content writer, Key loves to share her knowledge and insights about health, lifestyle and self-development topics. She believes that learning is a never-ending process, thus, she loves exploring things that could help her grow as a person. She spends her spare time outdoors with her daughter, Hannah, and their dog, Flynn. Stay connected with her through her LinkedIn account.

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