The 17 Marks of a Good and Happy Life

By Alden Tan

The 17 Marks of a Good and Happy Life

how to be happy1) You have traveled to some different parts of the world

Because traveling brings you out of your comfort zone and expands your horizon. You absorb different cultures and that allows you to be grateful with what you have at home, or not, by which then you can make the necessary changes in your life.

2) You have passion

Passion is what lights your life on fire. It electrifies your soul. It gives you a certain identity other people know you by. It is the awesome feeling you get that separates what you love from the rest of the world. Find passion and let it seep into your everyday life. You’ll be happy. It’s as simple as that.

3) You’ve struggled considerably before

The challenges and obstacles you faced that made you think you weren’t strong enough to overcome? You were indeed strong enough. You learnt how capable you really are and that strength is what gives you confidence, hence happiness.

4) You don’t lie to yourself and escape all the time

Henceforth, you deal with the problem head on. You don’t try to escape by taking an easier route. You ask yourself the honest questions.

That is why people who drink or indulge in their vices are unhappy. They’re only always dealing with a hangover.

5) You’re surrounded by good and positive people

Sometimes your happiness is highly based on your environment. Surround yourself with negative or even annoying people, you’ll end up negative and annoyed yourself. Surround yourself with good people who want the best out of you, you’ll be constantly inspired.

6) You realize you don’t need to put up with others’ crap

And by extending the idea of surrounding yourself with positive people, you let go negative influences and dump toxic people. You don’t need to put up with people’s crap. You are in full control of who you want to be with.

7) You’re always on learning-mode

The thirst for knowledge and hunger to learn pushes your brain to take up new things and that’s automatically ensuring you aren’t dulling your life. Simply put, wanting to learn means having curiosity and that’s way better than sitting around bored as you’re always trying new things.

Why do you think people who are constantly surfing social media are bored despite actually doing something?

8) You don’t chase money

You know money is important because you need to survive. But you recognize the bottom line which is that it’s your choice to chase money or not.

9) You make time for family

Because it’s family.

Family is dysfunctional? Make time for your old friends then.

10) You choose gratitude, no matter what

Despite what life throws at you, you remember that there’re many things in life to be grateful for. You’ll be surprised how lucky you are and that tons of people want to be in your shoes.

11) You’ve been through a breakup

Breakups hurt, but eventually, you’ll be fine. Breakups show that you’re capable of love; that you don’t have to be alone. At the same time, breakups allow you to know the kind of person you want to be with and so you become wary of the kind of people you meet next time.

12) You help other people

Because sometimes, the only way to solve your worries is to simply help others.

13) You recognize that you’re not your job

Most people have to work to survive and the majority don’t love what they do. The difference between the happy ones and those who drag themselves to work is that they know that they are not their job. They work and leave everything at the office when they go home.

They know that their salary, position and status do not identify them. The let passion, talent, special memories and their own life identify them.

14) You’re not always in a rush

Way too many of us want to make good time today. We want to get work done, leave work on time and make sure we catch the train on time. As a result, we don’t even know we’re breathing harder, cluttering our mind with deadlines, walking to fast and generally adding stress to ourselves!

Slow down. Relax. Go meditate. There’s plenty of time.

15) You stop caring about what others think

The words and thoughts of others’ should not have an effect on you. They technically don’t exist because what you think of yourself and what you want to do are all that truly matters.

16) You can always look back with no regret

You’d want to live a life so that you can look back and hold on tightly to your experiences and memories. These memories will never lie to you. So keep doing what you want and leave your mark!

17) You know it’s never too late

But what if you feel like you’ve never done enough?

It’s okay.

It’s not too late.

You’re growing older as time passes by, but it’s okay. Age doesn’t matter.

You’re in full control of the time you have.

Keep on keeping on you.

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