How to Fight a Routine and Keep Your Life Exciting No Matter What

By Markthomson992

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There is only one way to fight the routine and keep your life exciting no matter what, and you are not going to like it. Firstly, stop trying to fight a routine because success, happiness, and fulfillment are born from routine. Secondly, you need to become obsessed with keeping things new and exciting. This sounds like a cop-out answer at first, but it will make perfect sense after you understand the concept.

The Answer Is To Focus Your Energy On Keeping It New And Exciting

This tip is a little vague, so let us first explain how this idea works outside of keeping things exciting. Let us apply the same idea to success to show how the idea works.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has achieved more in one lifetime than most could achieve in ten lifetimes. People claim is success is through things such as positive habits, ruthless timekeeping, discipline, willpower, and whole bunch of other stuff. However, if you listen to him speak over the years he has been in the public eye, you see that his only obsession in life was self improvement. He has focused all his energy on improving his physical appearance, strength, language skills, accent, acting, rhetoric skills, and so forth. He has great willpower because he obsessively worked on improving his willpower, and the same goes for his intelligence, fame, success, wealth, etc.

If you wish to keep your life exciting, then you need to keep your routine, but you need to focus your energy and obsess over how you keep your routine interesting and fun. Your concentration needs to start with how you make today a little more exciting or different. Like Arnold S, you are aware of your end goal, but it is not your primary focus; your primary focus is “How am I going to make tomorrow more exciting and different.”

Examples From A Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is, in reality, a highly vulnerable person. The writing industry attracts vulnerable people, and the many hours of loneliness and isolation that the job requires helps to make the writer even more vulnerable.

A freelance writer is most vulnerable to himself/herself. Depression, anxiety, lack of ambition, lack of motivation, etc., are all common because this is what isolation does to a person. Then, here is the kicker, a writer has such a pedestrian and excitement-free routine, that he or she often craves excitement, but writers have so few outlets for excitement that they turn to addiction. Long-term writers are often addicted to all sorts of things from illicit substances to stamp collecting.

It is imperative that a freelance writer finds a way to keep it exciting and interesting, ergo, a writer must become obsessed with coming up with new ideas. The writer must dedicate free time, such as when he/she is in bed, on the toilet, in the bath, towards thinking up new ways to keep things exciting. Here are a few ideas:

[O] Rearrange the office and where the writer writes
[O] Change locations completely when writing
[O] Time oneself using a countdown timer
[O] Time oneself to see how much would be earned if one were working a full-time job that paid hourly
[O] Track writing targets and make graphs that one posts as one’s desktop wallpaper
[O] Work ten minutes on one project, ten minutes on another project, and so on
[O] Hire somebody to work with the writer on Fridays and Mondays
[O] Forget proofreading ones work for the week and send the lot off to a professional proofreader
[O] Try writing while standing and/or while on a cycling machine
[O] Work for 20 minutes, and sleep at the desk for 10 minutes and keep repeating
[O] Run time-challenges to see how quickly one can produce good work
[O] Figure out ways to write faster and more efficiently

Stress Is Only Unhealthy When It Is Used As An Excuse

There is no such thing as stress. Stress is a word that became popular outside of metal testing labs after World War 2 when psychologists wanted to charge soldiers money for post-traumatic stress treatment.

Stress is the name we give to a mixture of anxiety and pressure, and these things are perfectly normal, natural, and are part of your daily working life. The only time that anxiety and pressure become unhealthy is when they are not acted upon. For example, if you are afraid of the dark, then you may feel “Stressed” in the dark, but that “Stress” only becomes unhealthy if you do not act and turn on a light. Never allow the idea of “Stress” to become an excuse. If you are “Stressed,” then recognize it as an indication that something new should be attempted.

Conclusion – Routine = Good – Misplaced Focus = Bad

If your routine is boring and soul-draining, then stop blaming the routine because a cleverly thought-out and a positive-habit routine is how humans achieve success. If you wish to make your life more exciting and different, then there is no single answer. What you need to do is become obsessed with making things different to the point where you come up with ideas on an almost daily basis. You stick with what works for a while until it stops working, and then you implement another of your ideas and repeat the process. There is no single perfect idea because all ideas become boring after a while, so you need to focus on coming up with new ideas on a regular basis. That is how you keep your life exciting no matter what.

Mark Thomson started his long career as an editor and is now a valued freelance writer and member of the writing group. Mark often writes in a blunt and matter-of-fact manner, as he is tired of the touchy-feeling sentiment that plagues the Internet. He writes in a manner that helps cut to the heart of an issue and address it directly rather than tap dancing around an issue.

You’ve read How to Fight a Routine and Keep Your Life Exciting No Matter What, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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