How Just 2 Minutes a Day Can Make You A Positive Person

By Debasmita Mukherjee

how to stay positive

how to stay positiveWhat is Negativity?

For me “Thinking of unpleasant events from the past and/or anticipating unpleasant events in future, and overall feeling sorry for yourself.”

The question is, is there a magic button that you can flick, to stop negative thoughts, not that I have heard of.

The good news is that I don’t believe you need a Negative thoughts switch off button. Also I don’t believe switching off negative thoughts can help make you a more Positive person.

In fact, I say pushing away negative thoughts is not even good for you, here’s why

  1. You can run, but you cannot hide, you can never eliminate negative experiences from life or prevent them from happening in future, it is just not realistic to expect it. If you have hopes and dreams, some of them will be fulfilled, some won’t and that is just how it is.
  2. It is not something you can control anyways, you have to be brain dead to stop thinking of the not so happy events of your life
  3. Putting all your focus on pushing away your negative thoughts, can make those ill-fated incidents (real or imagined) magnify in proportion and get a stronger grip on you
  4. It is called delusion if you choose to not pay any attention to the negative events in your life, you will never find a solution to the root cause of your issues
  5. If you don’t acknowledge your problems, you will lose your chance to turn them to opportunities; more often than not the negative events of your life are the ones most loaded with opportunity, they give you just the right amount of discomfort you need to change your status-quo
  6. It is lot of resources in terms of time and energy fighting your negative thoughts, is it worth it? Do you really get the amount of results you would like for that much investment?
  7. Never acknowledging negative things in life can make you rather annoying to be around, you won’t seem like a real person, because real people have problems in life, acting otherwise makes you seem superficial and pretentious
  8. If you somehow manage to pull off a happy front at all time, nobody will reach out to help you simply because you don’t seem to need any help, there’s a difference between being truly happy and just pretending to be happy, and the later can put you in a rather lonely place
  9. If you are a goal oriented person, you should be able to fail fast, learn and move on, not knowing to accept the failures will discourage you from trying again
  10. Pushing away negativity does not necessarily make you happy, it can lead to more frustration, disappointment and stress, given that it is almost impossible to do in the first place

I will say it again, don’t push away your negative thoughts, they are there for a reason, they are for you to find a solution to, and that’s what you need to focus your energy on.

Here’s the bonus good news, there is another way to bring Positivity to your life than fighting Negativity!

It’s easy. Take 2 minutes (literally), to think of something positive.

If you can’t think of anything nice that happened during the day, consider some of these possibilities:

  1. Take a closer look at all the events of your day, are you sure nothing can be interpreted in a positive light, or have potential long term benefit, learn to translate accordingly.
  2. Tackle a problem head-on, after all, this is the Information Age, expert advice is available at your fingertips, fellow sufferers are available to share their stories, do one thing that takes you in the direction of solving your problem
  3. Sign-up for something that interest you, commit yourself to having a good time
  4. Sign-up for something that challenges you, nothing like overcoming a challenge to make you feel confident and good about yourself
  5. Join a similar minded community (e.g. a meetup group)
  6. Give something to someone, solve someone else’s problem, it not only puts your problems in perspective, it also makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside to leave someone else a little bit happier
  7. Appreciate the small things, there are many positive things that happen all the time, and go unnoticed, learn to capture them
  8. Commit to grow as a person, do something that makes you a better person even if in the smallest possible way
  9. Share your thoughts with someone, it’s always good to offload, and what do you know you may also put your brains together to find some opportunities or solutions to your troubles
  10. Challenge your negative energy, if you feel like lazing around, instead just get up and go to the gym, after 30 mins in the gym, you will feel over the moon in overcoming the challenge, and now you have earned your lazy time as bonus

Negative thoughts are not what’s preventing you from being a Positive person, just put in 2 minutes of your time on Positivity, and see if your world changes.

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