How Having Fun Can Boost Employee Productivity

By chrismyrss

Productivity at workplace

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In this competitive world, there are huge projects that need employees support.

One should be more concerned about their employees. If you have the best employees, you will easily climb the ladder of success. Treat your employees as your family members; it will create a lively culture in your office. There was a time when the employees work for generations in the same company. And so the consistency of the employees is the reason behind the glory of the company.

The company should be concerned about the employees and their families as well.

Give them life insurance, medical insurance, child education, gratuities, pension schemes. Set targets to achieve goals and appreciate their work, as this is the best boost up method ever. The token of appreciation will kill the instinct in their mind.

Mentioned below are some of the ways that can boost Employees productivity with having fun.

  • Make a fun and positive workplace.

For employees, the workplace is their second home. They spend approximately 8- 12 hours of their life daily with your company. So, it should be your responsibility to upgrade their life too.

Arrange a library or a book reading area for relaxation. And for fun, there should be a playing area which includes games like badminton, cricket, and basketball to regenerate their energy. A gym for a work out in this busy routine would be the best option.

A cafeteria to energize them with healthy food is important. There should be programs that make and support employee togetherness like matches for the team spirit and discipline. A good and positive working environment should be there. Comfort at the workplace is the cornerstone of productivity.

  • Throw a killer party- This is an awesome way to build trust and to establish a great rapport. Throw a party for celebrating the success of the projects implemented by your employees. Invite their families as well, as this will be a great way to know your employees and their family members. Never underestimate the power of celebration, as it brings out positivity. Introduce an inexpensive wine in your party to add a little more spark to it. Order some special occasional wine with personalized labels for a different kind of

This will help to make strong bonds with the people in your company.

  • Performer of the month-

This is one of the most classic methods of recognition where the company should decide to choose some star performer as nominees in different departments. And pick all the outstanding employees of the year and reward them for their huge contribution and hard work. Rewards can be given in any form apart from increment and this is the time when you can use your creativity.

There are so many things to give them; you can gift them some perfect wine bottles as per the occasion and some online gifts from various sites. Let them know that the company appreciates their efforts. This will definitively motivate them to work harder on their future projects even before you ask them to do so.

  • Share your ideas with them- In this modern world, no one likes to be told what to do and what not to do, and therefore it is always advised to share your ideas and make them theirs or give them a time-limit to implement their own ideas. Give importance to their thoughts and opinions. This will boost up their confidence to approach you without hesitation.
  • Equal priority should be given to each employee- If you are achieving success then the reason for your success is the whole team. As everyone has worked hard equally. Each and every employee is important in their own way. Equality will always lead you to success. Just trust and motivate your employees at every level. Don’t compare your employees with others, and never judge them on irrelevant things. As criticism is never fun on the receiving end.

Here’s the big takeaway: never think for a second that money drives all motivation. It’s simply not true.

Motivation is always needed to achieve a goal. And in business, the most important and difficult job is to motivate the employees.

Recipe for success- appoint motivated and engaged employees, one should have an excitement and an enthusiasm to work.

Being a boss is not an easy job, one has to pay attention on a regular basis and that whether the employees are feeling motivated or not.

Employees should get inspiration from you. They should get motivation from your past experience. Set a good example for your employees that will be the best motivation.

Most importantly give them a reason to stay and give a to neck competition to other companies. Your desires should be to achieve the success with the help of your employees and not to beat others.

There should be an urge to work with you and your company. A strong wish to be a part of your company. The accomplishment of an aim or a purpose with your employees will give you success.

Keep yourself up and motivated in your struggling days. As these days will mark your way success and glory.

You’ve read How Having Fun Can Boost Employee Productivity, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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