Failure in Endeavors does not Indicate Lack of Talent

By lisasmith

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Every person has certain life goals and engages in various endeavors to make his or her life worthwhile and fulfilling. While many people succeed in their endeavors, there are a few who fail. Sometimes, these people are tarnished as being untalented or less talented. Is that true? No!

If facts are to be believed, the most successful today have tasted failure, some time or the other in their lives. Their failures were not reminiscent of their lack of talent. These did not hinder their self-confidence in any way. Instead, they saw these as valuable lessons and worked around these to succeed.

What this indicates is that a failure should never be seen as a lack of talent. In fact, most people who fail have loads of talent. But, there are some other reasons that could be instrumental in their failure. Wondering what these are? Take a look.

Fear of Failure

Many times, a fear of failure hovers over a person and fills him or her with self-doubt. So, when they venture out to achieve their goals, they are constantly bogged by these doubts and are constantly thinking about other’s reactions if they fail. This fear is what ultimately gets to them and actually comes true.

Lack of Dedication

There is no doubt that no matter how talented one is, he or she cannot succeed in an endeavor unless he or she is fully dedicated to it. The people who fail in their endeavors are generally bogged down by the challenges. If there is a lack of dedication, there is no way they would put in extra efforts to overcome these hurdles which leads to failure.

Zero Conviction

Unless a person is completely convinced about his or her idea, there is no way he or she can work to help it succeed. It is only when one is convinced about the idea that he or she can put it across to other people and strive to help it succeed. So, no matter what the level of talent, a lack of conviction in one’s idea could be a cause for failure.

Inability to Learn from Past Mistakes

In order to succeed and move further on the road to success, one needs to keep learning from the past mistakes. The day one stops learning from these mistakes would be the day one would start repeating the errors causing the important endeavors to fail.

Zero Persistence

One has to overcome a number of hurdles and face several challenges to succeed. This is definitely not easy. Many times, one would feel the urge to give it up and move on. However, it is the perseverance and persistence that would propel the person to keep working till he succeeds. People who lack this persistence are sure to fail in their endeavors in spite of being a powerhouse of talent.

Low Self Esteem

If one does not believe in oneself, then who will? If you look around, you will find that most people who have failed are generally low on self-confidence and have no faith in their strengths. This lack of confidence often brushes past the others too and makes them lose faith. A person who has no or low self-esteem is most likely to fail no matter how talented.


There are a lot of talented people in life who attribute all their failures to bad luck. Though luck does play an integral role in success, it is not the be all and end all of it. People who leave everything on fate and wait for it to work for them can never succeed.

Most people who fail don’t do so because they are less talented than their successful counterparts. It is their mindset which actually leads to failure.

You’ve read Failure in Endeavors does not Indicate Lack of Talent, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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