A Great offer from the World’s Greatest Marketer A Great offer from the World’s Greatest Marketer

GKIC book offerOne of my all-time favourite direct marketers is giving away free copies of his hard-copy book, and marketing strategies CD

You can Get “The 10 Rules to Transforming Your Small Business into an Infinitely More Powerful Direct Response Marketing Business” for paying only for the Shipping & Handling. This book is full of Customer-Getting, Sales-Boosting Tactics You Never Knew Existed.

[By clicking here] you will be offered a free copy of his book that sells for $17.95 at the bookstore, PLUS a free CD that is packed with nothing but 100% pure marketing content.

In this you’ll discover the exact steps to attracting your ideal customers, clients or patients without using “old school” prospecting or cold calling techniques.

In this cutting-edge “Direct Marketing Toolkit” created by master marketer Dan Kennedy, you’ll discover the secrets to attracting your IDEAL Customers, Clients, or Patients. Known as the “Millionaire Maker,” Dan has written over 20 business books, built and sold 3 businesses, and gets paid upwards of $50,000 to $100,000 plus royalties to craft sales letters and campaigns for clients, and over 85% of whom use him repeatedly.

You can get the Book & CD Delivered to Your Door for just the Shipping & Handling!

[By clicking here]

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