8 Simple Things You Need To Stop Taking For Granted

By Alden Tan

8 Simple Things You Should Stop Taking For Granted

take for granted

One day here. The next day gone.

Here are 9 simple things we need to stop taking for granted:

1) Our health

Last week I suffered from severe diarrhea and fever. Why? Because I made the dumb mistake of eating a two-day old Subway from the fridge.

My pride was hurt. My ego was bruised. It felt more painful than the pain my stomach was going through.

Why? Because I rarely ever get sick. At most, I fall sick twice a year. I thought I was invincible.

But none of us are invincible. We’re all human and the human body fails from time to time.

Don’t take your health for granted. Eat right, exercise enough and don’t eat expired food.

2) The friends closest to us

Have you ever had friends who you see a lot and hence know of all, if not most of their flaws? Have you then focused on them to the point of questioning why you’re still friends with them?

You may be annoyed, frustrated, angered and saddened by your friends from time to time, but guess what? Friends do that. And friends forgive.

If you’re constantly focusing on the negativity in your friends, you’re effectively taking them for granted. You never know at which point in your life you’d need them. Be loyal to them and be happy together.

3) Inspiration

There is a problem with inspiration.

The problem is that it doesn’t last. The initial ‘high’ you feel when you get inspired by some story, movie, concert or whatever may make you feel on top of the world, but not for long. That is why we get frustrated down the road where we work so hard only to not get the results we want.

Don’t take inspiration for granted. Keep getting yourself re-inspired. Put in the effort to get out there and soak up inspiration from whatever source that appeals to you. This is a must. It should be on your to-do list.

4) Our parents

A lot of us are in conflict with our parents. Despite doing things out of love, they come across as really naggy and negative.

But we all often forget that while we’re growing up, our parents are growing old.

They will leave this life first. Don’t take that for granted before it’s too late. Make your amends. Tell them you love them.

5) Our home, or room

It seems that travelling the world serves as the pinnacle of having “made it” in life as you get to get out there and see things.

But on some level, it’s overrated. It can be pretty sad, depressing even when you’re away from home for too long and at unfamiliar territory all the time. This is when you’ll wish you’re in your comfort zone.

Don’t take your home for granted. Being in your space really isn’t that bad.

6) Your country

For whatever reason it is you hate the place you grew up in, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve something that others don’t.

For example, when I was in the states, I was pretty shocked to find that WIFI was charged at exorbitant prices in the hotels there. It’s always free in our hotels here in Singapore.

There’re many good things to be thankful about in your homeland. Find it.

7) Your youth

Because before you know it, you’d be too old to do the things you really want. You’d be wishing that you could go back in time to do it. You’d be wondering why you were always so afraid to even try.

8) Time

In the short term, if you procrastinate too much, you’d be wondering why time flew by so fast and why you didn’t simply put in that extra effort to get work done.

In the long term, time would just zip by so fast you’d wish you could go back in time to create more meaningful memories.

So turn time into your asset. Keep using it to your advantage no matter what.

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