8 Signs It’s Time To Let Go of a Relationship

By Alden Tan

8 Signs It's Time To Let Go Of A Relationship

how to let go of a relationship

Relationships are tricky. They make us do and feel unexpected things.

I myself have been through a bunch of unsuccessful relationships. They all hurt. Expectations were always overthrown and I ended up feeling a lot of pain.

Nonetheless, we can always try our best to not make or repeat some mistakes.

Here are 8 signs it’s time to let go of a relationship

1) You care for the memories more than a possible future

This one is tough, but logically flawed.

The future matters more than the past. And if you can’t possibly foresee in your mind, much less have the will to work for it a future with the person in front of you, it’s not going to work out.

To put it bluntly, the memories don’t matter at all ultimately. It’s sad, but no matter how much you cherish them, you’re going to have to let them go if there is no future.

2) They aren’t making you a better person

In other words, they don’t bring out the best in you.

For whatever flaws or issues you have, they’re highly amplified when they’re around. Perhaps they’re make you angrier or make you eat more.

A caring partner in a relationship wants the best for you and will do what it takes to make sure you achieve that so you can be truly happy.

3) They stop showing you basic respect

What do I mean by basic? They expect you to abide by their standards and do not care for yours. This is when they show up late or not reply you when you’re in need.

They’re plain taking you for granted.

4) They only come to you for basic needs

Be it money, a place to stay or even food, when it comes to things they should be able to handle themselves, they rely on you instead. They want you to give it all to them and you can bet they aren’t going to return the favor.

Again, they’re plain taking you for granted.

A relationship should go deeper and beyond the basic stuff. If you guys are just hovering around the basics, while making use of each other at that, you guys are not growing at all.

5) They never put themselves in your shoes

They do not ever bother to reflect. It’s all about them and how they feel. They don’t care about your point of view or how you feel.

A person who cares for you will stop to think and cut you some slack. A person who doesn’t care will simply find all sorts of excuses to justify their selfishness.

6) You start to think they’re a burden

You discover that you’d rather be alone. When he or she is around, it becomes tiring and downright annoying. You only think of what you could be doing alone and that makes you wishful.

Everybody needs their alone time, but if you really want to be in a relationship, the times when you want to be with someone would definitely outweigh the times you want to be alone.

7) Nobody is putting in the effort to deal with the underlying issues

And thus it reoccurs over, and over again. That will only mean more unhappiness and an eventual fallout.

You might as well let it all go now.

8) You know deep down that you can live without them

And with that, you can create a better and happier future. Why? Because you know it deep down. Your heart will never lie to you and intentionally bring you a lousy life.

All you’ve to do is to stop lying to yourself and start asking the honest, but terrifying questions.

You know this deep down. No more excuses. Listen to your heart, not others.

Then do what you have to do.

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