6 Habits That Will Make You Grittier and Put an End to Being a Quitter

By Abigail Sabijon

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Grit remains abstract to scientists, making it difficult to measure still. Some say it’s the burning passion people have for the long-term goals set before them. Others say that’s how they were raised. Those contentions are actually true but if we delve deeper into these spheres, we’ll see that both groups of people rely on certain habits to get them through anything. For people to be successful, they must’ve developed qualities that prevent them from quitting.

While it’s true that good habits should be developed early on, I was only able to grasp the essence later in life. So, it doesn’t mean teens and adults are already hopeless. If you think not even this year’s resolutions appear to budge, then might as well start from the core: the reconditioning of your mind.

“Renewal of Contract”

No, it’s not a legal bond of some sort but it’s something similar, only that you can always breach it and at the same time renew and start all over again. That’s the true essence of grit, in the first place – not giving up. Surely you’ve committed yourself countless times, but your inner slacker gets the best of you. Then you get frustrated until you’ve completely surrendered. Grit, however, is overcoming the urge to quit. Committing yourself to a goal is a continuous process, and just like habits, they need to be reinforced by an indomitable mind and will to become one.

Re-adjust the Focus

We face different situations every day. Throughout my college years, things are arduous; nothing really comes easy for me. However, I’ve made a resolve that I’ll finish my degree no matter what. Now, I’m in graduate school, pursuing more degrees I can possibly have.

Getting up after the fall is what matters most, they say. Things can get really blurry no less, but we’re always capable of adjusting the lenses to get a clearer view of things, especially the prize we’ve set for ourselves at the finish line.

Re-adapt the Positive Mental Attitude

Having a positive mental attitude is having a profound consciousness that things don’t always go our way, but we could always make our way through the rocks on the stream. Unless we change how we look at things, we will never make any steps further. It takes a lot of determination to shift to this perspective, but developing the habit to look at reality and the bright side of things, things would be more bearable.

Taking a break from college for more than two years and all the problems that come along with being self-supporting, I think I have enough reason to just give up college and focus on my job. However, I know those are just part of the pruning stage. After all, diamonds are made under pressure.

Recharge with Ample Support

We can be strong on our own but our families and loved ones make us stronger. When we’re at our downiest and weakest, they’re at their strongest for us. That’s why, regardless of how high our ambition is, let’s not forget about the people who are always behind us.

Remind Yourself by Looking Back

When faced with yet another problem, I’ve developed this habit of looking back at similar situations or much worse. With that, it’s easier for me to accept the challenge. Doing so makes me confident that I can definitely take another one head on.

I understand some past events may be traumatizing for some but on a positive note, you’ve overcome them with all your might. I just love how people put it (and sing it): what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Reiterate “I’ve done my best” without regrets

There are times that call for either a retreat or surrender. Fear is just one of the many things that relentlessly hamper or cripple us. It renders us failures before we can even begin. I really don’t like feeling sorry for myself for not taking risks and for not striving for excellence while I’m at it. It’s not easy to muster courage to take the leap. However, I don’t want to dwell on the “what could’ve been.” Regardless of how things turn out, at least we could say “I’ve done my best” with conviction.

Taking risks is a part of life. It may be distressing but absolutely makes life exciting.

As you can see, it’s just a matter of persistent repetition of reactions to everything that’s hurled towards us. It’s a matter of striving again and again until you’ve reached your end-goal in life or in your current season in life. I hope that while you’re looking at your temporary circumstance, your mind remains fixed on the future ahead.

You’ve read 6 Habits That Will Make You Grittier and Put an End to Being a Quitter, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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