5 Reasons Why Finding Your Passion is Important

By Joe Rodriguez

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“ Chase your passion and the money will come. Chase money and you will never find your passion”

We are all unique and special in one way or another. You have special talents that other’s don’t have. We need to find out what they are and capitalize on it. Find your passion and happiness will follow. There’re people out there right not exercising they’re gift working in jobs they hate. Sometimes we accept jobs only for the money. You need to find what your passion is. If it feels more like a hobby then you’re on the right track. It’s not supposed to feel like work.

1. Feels Good– Doing something you love makes you feel better about yourself. It doesn’t cause much stress compared to something you’re you dislike. You’re more optimistic and more positive when making a decision. Any accomplishment feels like a million bucks. You then sleep better so you become more positive and happy. You put your heart and soul into it because your passionate so a small win appears and feels AWESOME!!

2. Success – You have a better chance of becoming successful and making a difference in the world. You have the power to help others and do good. It becomes much harder to become a successful when there’s no passion involved. Most fortunate people attribute their success to following their passion. It’s the fuel that you need to overcome any obstacles and achieve your dreams.

3. Harder to quit – You work harder and are more determined to complete any task. Your passion wakes you up and not your alarm clock. When you need an alarm clock to wake you up that’s your signal to quit and find your passion. Passion produces more energy and stamina which equals to being more productive. Passion motivates you through the stumbles, bumps, and failures that come with your journey. You work harder and stay longer after hours when your passionate. Quitting is not an option so success in inevitable, it’s going to happen.

4. Helps You Grow – Your passion helps you create new ideas and strategies towards your goal. It helps you become more likely to absorb and dissect information towards your task. You start becoming more discipline with your habits. Time starts becoming important and valuable to dream. Believing in something and accomplishing it creates confidence.

5. Time – You need to follow your passion before you run out of time. Unfortunately, we all have expiration dates. “Father time is undefeated” we can’t be living a mediocre life. In this life while waiting to retire. Money comes and goes but your story will live forever. The wealthiest place on this earth is the Cemetery because that’s where dreams go to die. Let’s stop watching negative nonsense on TV and use our time wisely. You have incredible potential hidden inside of you, it’s time to use it. It’s never too late to start. Remember time is the only thing we can’t borrow.

The secret to success is to show the world your gift. You don’t need a college degree to do that. Most successful entrepreneurs did not graduate college they just followed their passion. If you love to cook, draw, write, speak, help others, landscape, wash cars, sew, whatever the case may be. I’m here to tell you if you follow your passion happiness will follow You are stronger than you think. Keep moving forward and don’t stop. Don’t let the distractions keep you from reaching your destiny. Live life to the fullest and keep a positive mindset. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Joe Rodriguez Trainer- Speaker- Coach. Corporate training for stress management and customer service. ” Untreated Employee Stress Is Bad For Business. www.joerodriguez.co

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